Bei Scam-Mails handelt es sich rechtlich gesehen um versuchten Betrug. Mit der Vortäuschung falscher Tatsachen sollen wir dazu gebracht werden Dienstleistungen zu erbringen oder Geld zu investieren. Oft macht man sich dabei auch selber strafbar.
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From Warren Buffett

Am Warren Buffett the CEO to (Warren Buffett Foundation)Warren Buffett Foundation picked you for a $1,500,000 donation.For more details contact Warren Buffett Foundation

Oksana from Russia

Oksana <>

Hi, my name is Oksana and i'm from Russia, but currently living in the USA.
Two weeks ago I found your profile on Badoo and must say I cant forget that face 
You are super cute and I would like to know you more!
If its mutual, email me, this is my email and I will send some of my photos.


Business Vorschlag von Dr. James McPherson

Lieber Freund

Ich möchte mich Ihnen vorstellen, ich bin Dr. James McPherson ein Brite, auch ein Mitarbeiter einer Offshore-Bank (The LLoyds Bank Plc) Londoner Büro. Ich bin der Leiter der Buchhaltungsabteilung. Ich freue mich, Ihnen einen sehr dringenden und gewinnbringenden Geschäftsvorschlag unterbreiten zu können, von dem ich glaube, dass er uns beide nach der Fertigstellung profitieren wird. Ich habe Sie kontaktiert, nachdem ich sorgfältig darüber nachgedacht habe, dass Sie in der Lage sein könnten, diesen Geschäftsvorfall zu bearbeiten, was ich weiter unten erläutern werde. Die Summe von £ 15,500,000.00GBP (fünfzehntausendfünfhunderttausend großes britisches Pfund Sterling) schwimmt nicht beansprucht in meiner Bank, da alle Bemühungen, zu den Verwandten unseres Kunden zu gelangen, der das Geld deponiert hat, die Steine getroffen haben. Es gibt diesen Kunden Mr. Roger Ian Wright, ein US-amerikanischer Geschäftsmann, Gründer einer in Sao Paulo ansässigen Investmentgesellschaft. Am 22. Mai 2009 starben Herr Roger Ian Wright, seine Frau und seine beiden Kinder in einem Flugzeugabsturzort von Trancoso im Bundesstaat Bahia. Hier finden Sie die Links zu diesem Unfall

Alle Versuche, seine nächsten Angehörigen zu verfolgen, waren fruchtlos. Meine Position hier in meinem Büro verlangt von mir, dass ich den Next of Kin untersuche und zur Verfügung stelle. Ich habe daher weitere Untersuchungen durchgeführt und entdeckt, dass Herr Roger Ian Wright keine weiteren Angehörigen oder Verwandten in allen seinen offiziellen Dokumenten, einschließlich seiner Bankablagepapiere, deklariert hat. in meiner Bank. Nach dem britischen Gesetz wird das Geld nach 5 Jahren in den Besitz der britischen Regierung zurückfallen, wenn niemand den Fonds beansprucht. Um dies zu verhindern, habe ich mich entschlossen, dich um Hilfe zu bitten, damit du als sein nächster Angehöriger stehst, so dass der besagte Fonds (£ 15,5 Millionen Great British Pounds) in deinem Namen als nächster Angehöriger freigegeben und in deine Konto. Alle Dokumente und Belege, die Sie dazu veranlassen werden, diesen Fonds ohne Stress zu beanspruchen, werden Ihnen nach Ihrer Antwort auf diese E-Mail zugesandt.

Ich beabsichtige, 50% des Gesamtbetrags in Höhe von 7.750.000,00 GBP als Entschädigung für Ihre Unterstützung zu gewähren. Ich werde Sie bei Erhalt der Antwort über die vollständige Transaktion benachrichtigen, wenn Sie interessiert sind, und ich werde Ihnen die Details und erforderlichen Verfahren senden, mit denen die Überweisung durchgeführt werden soll.
Sollten Sie interessiert sein? Bitte senden Sie mir Ihre:

1. Vollständige Namen
2. Private Telefonnummer
3. Aktuelle Wohnadresse
4. Beruf
5. Alter und Geschlecht.

Erreiche mich über meine E-Mail:

Ihre sofortige Antwort wird geschätzt
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Dr. James McPherson

Mrs. Sonia Davies won a Jackpot

I (SONIA DAVIES) won a Jackpot of £61Million UK Pounds fortune in Euro Millions Jackpot Lottery in August 2016. After seeking financial advice from my legal counsel with my pastor who advised to donate 10% of our lottery winnings to people as a tithe and thanksgiving. I have now decided to fulfill the promise I made to donate the sum of £500,000(five Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds) each to 10 unknown lucky people as part of my charity project to improve the lives of these lucky individuals from around the world.
Fortunately, if you receive this automated email transmission which was electronically selected as beneficiary of this giveaway then you are one of the 10lucky recipients to receive £500,000(five Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds). All you should do is to contact my attorney In-Charge BARRISTER Billy Morgan via E-mail with the following information below for fund release from my paying bank.
Barr. Billy Morgan
Solicitors & Advocate

Telephone: 0044 120 423 8631

We also thought this was a scam when we won but we stood by ourselves and prayed to God almighty. Please see the link below.

Kindly send the details information below when contacting the attorney in-charge:

(3). Country / Postal Code:
(5). Date of Birth:
(6). Occupation:
(7). Next Of Kin:
(8). Alternative Email:

Contact my attorney with REF NUMBER: SD/2017/QR919/17
Mrs. Sonia Davies

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Spende von Cris Tom

Hallo, Sie haben eine Spende von 4.800.000,00USD, ich habe die Amerika-Lotterie in Amerika im Wert von 40 Millionen Dollar gewonnen, und ich gebe einen Teil davon an fünf glückliche Menschen und Wohltätigkeitshäuser in Erinnerung an meine verstorbene Frau, die an Krebs gestorben ist. Kontaktieren Sie mich für weitere Informationen:
Cris Tom

Eine Million Dollar Spende

Mavis Wanczyk

$ 1,000,000,00 (Eine Million Dollar) wurde Ihnen von Mavis Wanczyck gespendet, der im August 2017 den Powerball Jackpot in Höhe von $ 758 Millionen US-Lotterie-Dollar in Chicopee Massachusetts gewonnen hat. Kontaktieren Sie mich per E-Mail für weitere Informationen zur Beantragung von Geldern: mavis.

Zeinah Alaa from Syria

Honest Help


I want use this medium as the only means available to me to request for your urgent and honest help.
I am in Syria with my two daughters here in Alepo Syria.

I want to also move the funds which my husband made from the Crude and currency to Currency business.I will not hesitate to share the funds with you 70% for me and my kids and 30% for your kind help.
I want to leave Syria urgently, save my kids from the trauma and the hard earned money.

My husband died in the Air Strike 9 months ago.

Please I need your help very urgently.
I will send you all needed information and the associated photos

Zeinah Alaa

Project Funding

Dear Sir/ Madam

Compliments of the day, May i introduce myself as Dr. Mike Rosenfield (PhD.), finance consultant and facilitator. I would like to assist you as an investment broker on some certain deals. I have investors who are willing to fund and facilitate any business that is capable of generating 10% annual return on investment (AROI).

JV partnership and loan financing can also be considered. I have contacted you on this, hoping I will discuss with you on the possibility of my clients placing these funds with you for management either in your existing establishment or other ventures to be undertaken at your discretion under terms to be agreed upon.

Let me know your thought.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Mike Rosenfield

Request for joint venture


I got your contact in the cause of my serious search for a reliable foreign partner through a profile in which convinced me of your honesty. However, I am Ahmed Yashire Abbas my father was a businessman and also one the leaders of Libyan United for Reconciliation and Democracy movement that fought against the Government in Libya African.

I confide in you hoping you will never betray me at last, My most required concern is for you to recognised me as a friend/partner while establishing a long lasting relationship for our future. Presently, I am in Europe with substantial quantity of diamonds and the sum of Twenty Million Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$20.2m) .These money and diamonds was realise by my father before his death when Revolutionary Movement (L.U.R.D) conquered one of the Diamond region in Libya, by then my father was the Chief in my region and the Director in charge of one of the oil site in Libya 

The money and diamonds was kept under my father care for the purchase of arms, it was a situation of war so my father died and I consider it my chance and then move immediately to Europe where my late father deposited this diamonds and money with a holding company for save keeping. 

My aim of contacting you is to assist me in three ways (1) to help me move this money and diamonds to your country (2) to help me secure prospective diamonds buyers (3) and to help me get a profitable business for investment any where in overseas all is base on your professional advice and acceptance to assist me. 

Note that a substantial portion of this money would be compensated to you for all your assistance. Please, do not hesitate to reply immediately in order for us to know the next thing to do on how to move this money to your country through proper arrangement. 

Finally, keep this with your utmost secrecy and confidentiality as you can understand my condition in here  because i am into hiding as so many people knows my late father and may be after me for political reasons.

Thanks for your co-operation. 
Best Regards. 
Ahmed Yashire Abbas

Jessica Wilfred - the prodigal step daughter of Richard Smith

I am Jessica, Wilfred, 27. The prodigal step daughter of Richard Smith.I recently came into a huge inheritance.The inheritance is from the Smith Estate of  Wales. Due to my decisions, I am regarded as the black sheep. However, i am still the beneficiary of the estate.

As a condition for the inheritance,I must make a donation in the sum of £135,000(One Hundred and thirty five Thousand Great Britain Pounds) each to 10 unknown lucky people as part of the Smith charity project to improve the lives of these lucky individuals. I am being monitored by the Executors, to ensure i fulfill this.

Fortunately, if you receive this automated email transmission which was electronically selected as beneficiary of this giveaway, then you are one of the 10 lucky recipients to receive £135,000(One Hundred and thirty five Thousand Great Britain Pounds) .
You may  contact the  Executor In-Charge, Scott Steinbach via E-mail with the following information below for fund release from my paying bank.

Hon. Scott Steinbach
Executor, Smith Estates.


strictly send the details information below when contacting the attorney in-charge:(1). Full Names:(2)address:(3). tel.(4)date of Birth:(5)occupation:  REF NUMBER: SD/2017/QR919/17

Jessica Wilfred